The Chandler

Spring 2018 Excitement

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Take a stroll down Memory Lane through the wooden covered bridge into this beautiful 90 unit residential gated community.

Bringing together the charm and character of the past, for the needs of today’s family, with creative compassion for the future of our planet.

The Chandler Community Charter

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  • Creative, out of the box, NOT your average cookie cutter development
  • Rain gardens by Andrea Wilson Mueller APLD of Inside Out Design, LLC
  • Off grid wind and solar street lights
  • Community Garden
Standing 150 ft tall, the flagpole proudly features a 30' x 60' American flag and a 20' x 30' Christian flag that are visible for miles.
The plaque dedicating the flags to God and American's veterans, celebrating freedom and liberty.
The Heart of Chandler, one of the unique features at the end of Memory Lane.